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The importance of kidneys in the maintenance of biological balance of human body is obvious. Apart from the secretion of hormones the kidneys are vital to the excretion of waste products. There are many causes of kidney diseases but diabetes is the most common cause of the diseases affecting the kidneys.

How We Treat Kidney Diseases in Chennai

Dialysis is one of the most common treatments for curing the renal diseases. But it's not a permanent solution. In the long run kidney transplantation becomes necessary. With the kidney transplantation, also known as renal transplantation, a new kidney is transplanted to take charge of the functions that cannot be performed by the damaged kidneys.

If you suffer from chronic renal failure, receive kidney dialysis at regular intervals and wish to have a kidney transplant, Uro Care in Chennai is a place to be. We have highly trained kidney specialist in chennai with vast experience in performing renal transplants for patients with chronic kidney failure.

A new kidney can be given by a living or a deceased person. The recipient and donor have to be compatible. A Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLA) match should be the criteria.

The kidney specialist doctor or surgeon makes an incision in the abdomen, near the hip bone. In most cases the kidney specialist doctor does not remove the ineffective kidney. This is done because in many cases removal of the ineffective kidney results high blood pressure. As a result the surgeon prefers to place the new kidney inferior of the normal location.

Kidney Transplant in Chennai

In a kidney transplant laparoscopic surgery the surgeon connects the vein and renal artery to the new location of the kidney. After this, the surgeon restores the blood supply so that the kidney starts working in a proper manner. As a result, the kidney starts producing urine. The surgeon connects the bladder to the urethra from the donor kidney. A typical kidney transplant surgery lasts about three to four hours.

The sufferer can get out of bed the day after kidney transplant surgery. The doctor prescribes absorption of liquids on the day of surgery. The patient can take normal diet after two or three days.

After a stay of about three to five days, the patients can be discharged from the hospital, depending on the condition of the kidney transplant recipient. Gradually the reduction in the discomfort at the place of incision will happen. After three or six weeks the affected person can resume their daily activities, including going back to work.

Recent advancements in medical science have reduced the complications which generally occur before going for a kidney transplant laparoscopic surgery. Immune rejection by the body is one of them.

Best Kidney Specialist in Chennai

With the average cost of renal transplant in Chennai is low compared to the other cities in the developed countries of the world, it is no surprise that patients from those parts of the world have been coming to the hospitals in Chennai to undergo renal transplant in the city hospitals prominent among them is Uro Care. Best kidney specialist doctor in Chennai for all kidney related problems. Our best kidney specialist in chennai clear all your doubts regarding kidney surgery in the following articles,

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Kidney Cancer Treatment Chennai

Tumor removal is considered to be the standard of care for most of the renal tumor if it is feasible. If the tumor is very large than whole kidney along with the fat covering, part of the ureter and some time Adrenal is removed. With increasing incidence of Diabetes, hypertension, Bilateral tumors, patient with poor kidney reserve and other diseases there is trend to preserve as much kidney tissue (Nephron Sparing Surgery or Partial Nephrectomy) as possible provided it is feasible and safe to do so to prevent future renal deterioration and need for dialysis. Read More about Kidney Cancer Treatment by our Kidney Specialist in Chennai.

Kidney Stone Treatment Chennai

If the kidney stone is small enough, it usually passes on its own. However, there are instances when doctor uses other methods and surgery to make the kidney stones pass and/or remove the stone. Generally there are three methods to treat kidney stones using surgery  Read More about Kidney Stone Treatment by Chennai Kidney Specialist.

Kidney Failure Treatment Chennai

Kidney failure signifies loss of kidney function that occurs when your kidneys lose their filtering ability and are not in a position to eliminate excess salts, fluids, and waste materials from your blood. This leads to an accumulation of the dangerous levels of wastes in your body which can also be fatal. Those with acute liver failure are generally treated in the intensive care unit of a hospital and if possible, in a facility that can perform a kidney dialysis or transplant if necessary. Our Kidney specialist recommend best treatment option depending on the on the reason for your kidney failure. Treatments for acute kidney failure may include Dialysis and Kidney Transplant.  Read More about Kidney Failure Treatment by our best Kidney Specialist in Chennai

Kidney Transplantation Specialist Chennai

Top kidney transplant specialist in chennai for Worldclass kidney transplant laparoscopic surgery chennai. If you have advanced and permanent kidney failure, kidney transplantation may be the treatment option that allows you to live much like you lived before your kidneys failed. Since the 1950s, when the first kidney transplants were performed, much has been learned about how to prevent rejection and minimize the side effects of medicines. But Kidney transplantation is not a cure; it's an ongoing treatment that requires you to take medicines for the rest of your life. A successful Kidney transplant takes a coordinated effort from your whole health care team, including your nephrologist, transplant surgeon, transplant coordinator, pharmacist, dietitian, and social worker. But the most important members of your health care team are you and your family. By learning about your Kidney transplant treatment, you can work with your health care team to give yourself the best possible results, and you can lead a full, active life.  Read More about Kidney Transplantation by our Top Kidney Specialist in Chennai

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