Circumcision : Myth and Facts

Myths and Facts about Circumcision :


Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin, the tissue covering the head(glans) of the penis. However, there are many myths associated with circumcision that you should be aware of.

Normal urinary tract :

Male with normal urinary tract - there is hardly any benefit and you need to do more than 100 circumcision to prevent one UTI

Abnormal urinary tract :

Patient with abnormal urinary tract there is some evidence of protection against UTI in circumscribed versus non circumscribed 3% v/s 19%

Penile Cancer:

Incidence of penile cancer is high among uncircumcised Male as compare to circumscribed Male which can be seen as there is high incidence of Ca penis in the country where it is routinely done for religious reasons but you may need to perform almost 600 circumcision to prevent one case of Ca penis

Sexually Transmitted Disease

Risk of acquiring STD and HIV is 60% more in uncircumcised Male as compare to circumscribed Male

Cervical Cancer

Risk of cervical cancer in partner of circumscribed Male is less as compare to the uncircumcised