Smartphone : is it a health menace..!!!


Avoid using Smart Phone just before going to bed.

Becoming Less Smart …!!!

Smart Phone: Is it making us more smart…!!!

Use of Smart Phone just before retiring to bed can have adverse side effect and should be avoided. Probably in the coming years with increasing use of cell Phone, we will see another spectrum of disease apart from Diabetes and Hypertension which have become a household name specially in the urban areas.

The Last Minute Check -Just before the Sleep :-

  • The Blue Light effect: The Blue light emitted from the screen of the smartphone interferes with the rhythmic and circadian rhythm of the Melatonin a Hormone released from the brain determining bodies circadian rhythm. So the blue light can disrupts is secretion and the sleep cycle or falling to sleep is disturbed.

  • Adds to Anxiety or Excitement : Reading a text or an email just before the sleep can add anxiety or excitement depending on the content of the mail. What ever the message be it doesn't let the brain relax immediately and keep you awake or alter for a while and affecting your sleep pattern.

  • Tiresome Next morning – Once the sleep is affected the following day your skills, memory and decision proper takes a hit. You may not be able to concentrate better and may look bit more irritable which may lead to unnecessary anxiety or stress.

  • Inviting Diseases: The chances of getting Hypertension or Diabetes is much more if you are deprived of sleep or its not regular. The possibility of weight is much higher as being up at night time can lead to more hunger pangs and unnecessary and unregulated eating. The body immune system can get affected as there is decreased production of cytokines so the chances of having date with infection is more.

  • Becoming less attractive – dark circle, puffy eyes and thin line on face can be because of the sleep deprivation or increase secretion of the cortisol because of altered circadian rhythm

  • Spend more time with your near and dear ones – if you are not hooked to the mobile you can spend the quality time with your near and dear ones

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